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Exchange Programs

Spending a semester or year abroad through an exchange program is a rewarding and affordable option for many students. Students are nominated by their home institution and have the opportunity to Discover, Engage, and Learn at a partner institution. Please note that you must pay Moravian tuition if you would like to be considered and eligible for 鶹 scholarships, grants, and other State/Federal funds. 

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Programs for Moravian Students

Global exchange programs are a great choice for Moravian students who seek a more independent experience and want to be fully integrated into the local culture. Students have more freedom to plan their own semester activities and excursions and may find a more broad selection of courses through exchange programs. But be aware that some institutions may require visiting international students to take courses in the host language. Want more information? Email or attend an upcoming information session


For global exchange programs, Moravian students pay 鶹 tuition and fees and then become visiting students at an international university. You won't pay room and board charges to 鶹 while on global exchange programs. However, you will pay for housing and meals while abroad in the same way that host students pay.

Please Note: If you are studying abroad with an exchange program, it is your responsibility to obtain a visa. CGE will assist where possible, but most of the coordination will be between you and the exchange university.  

Partner Institutions

鶹 has exchange and study abroad agreements with several universities around the world, including:

Programs for International Students

Want to study abroad at 鶹? 鶹’s Center for Global 鶹 admits non-degree seeking Exchange Students and Visiting Scholars (Short Term J-Visa) that are interested in studying abroad at 鶹 for a semester or an entire academic year from the following schools:

  • Osaka Ohtani University (Osaka, Japan)
  • Palacký University (Olomouc, Czech Republic)
  • Rikkyo University (Tokyo, Japan)
  • Universidad de Córdoba (Córdoba, Spain) 
  • Universidad de Valladolid (Valladolid, Spain)
  • Universität Erfurt (Erfurt, Germany)
  • Université de Poitiers (Poitiers, France)
  • University of the Sunshine Coast (Queensland, Australia)
  • UQAC: Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (Quebec, Canada)

Inbound undergraduate and graduate students must be nominated by partner institutions under the provisions of specific contractual agreements. Students interested in coming to 鶹 from these institutions should work with their university’s international student exchange office to find out more information. Read more details about the Moravian  J visa program or  to speak with Dr. Anize Appel. Deadline for application for the fall semester is March 31 and for the spring semester is August 31 of the previous year.