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Application Process

Student works on her proposal

Application Process

Ready to begin your journey with the Fellowship Program? First things first—attend one of our information sessions or stop by to see us in the Haupert Union Building. Can not make it one of our events? Set up a meeting with us to find out more. We will work with you on every step of the application process, from choosing a scholarship to preparing for the semi-finalist interview. 

Find the Right Fit

Before starting an application, you will want to identify which fellowship and/or scholarship opportunities are right for you. Eligibility, application requirements, and disciplines vary by scholarship, but Moravian’s Fellowship Program is here to help you identify the best fit. 

Pursuing a Fellowship award opportunity will take time but also offer the opportunity to ask important questions about your future goals. You are sure to discover more about your passions and career goals, especially as you explore the various opportunities for study and research—spanning degree programs and disciplines—across the globe. 

Work On Your Application

So, what really makes a strong applicant? While eligibility criteria differ from scholarship to scholarship, there are some common traits that successful applicants tend to display. Award winners often demonstrate high academic achievement, a commitment to leadership and community, relevant previous experience, and global awareness. Having a clear passion for your field of study, as demonstrated by your leadership and academic achievements, can go a long way in the application evaluation process. 

Write Your Personal Statement

When it comes to crafting your personal statement, understand that this is your chance to let your passion speak for you. There’s no need to repeat what’s on your resume—the application review committee already has that. Instead, speak about your experiences and life lessons. What made you fall in love with public policy? What project did you dedicate your year to and why?

When all is said and done, make sure you have your statement reviewed for grammatical and spelling errors. Additionally, make sure you read and re-read your work before submitting it.  

For assistance with crafting your personal statement, please schedule an appointment with us.

Request Letters of Recommendation 

When it comes to requesting letters of recommendation from faculty and professional references, it is important to ask early. The more time you give your recommenders, the better—several months lead time is ideal. And to ensure the process goes smoothly, make sure you provide as much information about the fellowship and your qualifications as possible. You should include your resume, personal statement, and fellowship details, including how and where to send the letter of recommendation once complete. 

Choosing the right recommender can be critical to a successful application. You want your recommender to know you well and be familiar with your work—they should be able to articulate your strengths and academic interests. Once you choose a recommender, it is important to meet with them in person to make your request—this communicates your enthusiasm and appreciation for their time and effort.