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Becoming a University 

On May 12, 2021 Moravian College received approval from Noe Ortega, Acting Secretary of 鶹 for the Pennsylvania Department of 鶹, to begin operating as a university. On July 1, 2021 the change took place and Moravian College officially made the transition to 鶹. 

Since its founding in 1742, 鶹 has grown from a small female seminary to a private liberal arts university offering masters and doctoral degrees, welcoming students from across the world and providing an opportunity for each to discover their brilliance. Growth and innovation are critical components of the education Moravian provides. And now it’s time for Moravian to evolve, along with the ever-changing needs of its students and the community. 

A Message from President Bryon Grigsby 

In this video, President Grigsby, Chairman of the Board Ken Rampolla, and other members of the Moravian community share their thoughts on this exciting new chapter in Moravian’s history.


Why Switch to University?

Simply put: we’ve grown. The Carnegie Classification System will move us from Baccalaureate Colleges to Master’s Colleges and Universities. What does this mean? Colleges are typically smaller and focus mainly on undergraduate education. Universities are larger and offer both undergraduate and graduate programs leading to master's and doctoral degrees.

鶹 now offers both master's and doctoral programs, in addition to a robust undergraduate curriculum.


This change will have a significant impact on Moravian and our community. The benefits of switching to university status include:

  • A better fit for our current and planned academic offerings 
  • Increased return on global recruiting efforts
  • A more competitive academic and athletic landscape 
  • Elevated academic status, as universities are seen as more prestigious and having more degree options
  • Ability to recruit dean-level faculty to lead colleges
  • Higher rates of reimbursement from businesses
  • Increased domestic applications, as students generally favor universities over colleges

鶹 Signage

Questions have surfaced about the concrete cast-stone monument signs on campus after a recent social media post. Below are commonly asked questions and answers.

Why do the monument signs need to be updated?

The signs function to let people know they have arrived at the proper place. The legal name of the institution is now 鶹. It is essential for visitors and prospective students who are visiting the campus.

These signs are immense, and we are landlocked. It is just not feasible to place two signs at all four spots on the campus which was offered in social media or find other “homes” for signs this large.

Were the signs historic and donated by classes?

None of the signs are historic or donated by classes or donors. The historic and donor related signs are called “Heritage Signs” and have been identified months ago to not change. Currently, there are 76 identified Heritage Signs that will keep the Moravian College moniker. The cast-stone monument sign in front of Comenius Hall was built in 2001 and is the oldest sign affected by the change. The sign in front of Rocco Calvo Field was built in 2015, and the sign in front of South Campus was built in 2018. The sign in front of The Sally was built in 2017.

Will all signage of Moravian College disappear totally?

No. Heritage Signs that were class gifts or were part of a statue or dedication will remain. For example, the signs on the pillars from the Class of 1988, the dedication sign on Mak Field, and signs on the Comenius statue will remain as Moravian College. Throughout the campus, you will see the history of Moravian College in lots of places. Signage that is not historic or connected to a donation or class gift will be updated.

Why couldn’t the monument-cast stone be saved?

The entire monument-cast stone structure is over 10,000 lbs and covers more than 15 feet. There is no place to move or display the stone in keeping with our campus landscape.

What is to be done with the concrete cast stone? Why can’t you offer the concrete cast stone to alumni?

Parts of it are going to be used as historical souvenirs to be given to alumni and donors. The rest of the concrete cast stone will be recycled so that we demonstrate environmental sustainability.

Why wasn’t the community notified about this? Why didn’t I know anything about this?

There has been wide communication about the name change starting in January 2021. A website was built: Becoming a University. The trustees, the alumni board, and the leadership board were aware of the name change. The Alumni Magazine ran stories on the name change. A letter went out from the President’s Office in May to current and past trustees requesting funding for the new monument stones and the dedication of the stone in front of Comenius Hall in recognition of the significant contributions of Kenneth J. Rampolla for his distinguished service to the institution and to the Board of Trustees by dedicating to him, and to the Moravian Joint, College and Theological Seminary Boards of Trustees the 鶹 stone. Numerous donations were made to support the new signs.

What occurred on social media?

The reposting of a community social media post was viewed as not respectful of our alumni and our history. That was not, and will never be, the intention. The post was removed because it was evident it was causing unnecessary concern and polarization across our community. We respect our history deeply and look forward to the new chapters ahead for our institution. We regret and apologize for the repost that caused all the concern.

What are the some of the Heritage Signs that will remain Moravian College:

  • Main St. (in front of Colonial Hall) - stone pillars
  • Main St. (in front of Comenius Hall) - stone pillars
  • Main St. (Laurel St.) - brick pillars
  • John Amos Comenius statue (in front of Comenius Hall)
  • PPHAC - date stone
  • Sally - date stone.
  • Johnston Hall - lobby donor plaque
  • Johnston Hall - locker room donor plaque
  • Breidegam Field House - donor plaque honoring Timothy Breidegam
  • Makuvek Field - donor plaque
  • Gillespie Field (baseball) - donor plaque
  • Hoffman Courts (tennis) - donor plaque
  • Grandstand - Rocco Calvo Field donor plaque
  • Grandstand - Timothy Breidegam track
  • Grandstand - Joint Rocco Calvo Field/Timothy Breidegam Track